Lord Chancellor, Kingston

With some reconfiguring of the internal spaces of this existing property, the provision of a new master bedroom suite over the existing living room and a rear garden dining room, we have greatly improved the layout and functionality of this house in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Our clients wanted to accommodate their extended family to avoid the need to house them in a separate property and so the addition of floor area was critical to making the scheme work. The existing layout was confusing, disjointed and illogical, with the two sides of the house effectively split in two and with a dark internal stairwell.

We reconfigured the first floor to enable access to the new side bedroom extension and twisted the stairs around to allow more natural movement between the key areas of the property. By also opening-up the ground floor around the stairs, the large open-plan living spaces link with anew kids study space and the bedroom landing above.

Externally, considered use of materials that compliment, but do not replicated the existing and the provision of shadow joints between the old and the new work well to break up the external visual bulk of the house and the proposal was well received by the Planning Authority in a sensitive location.