Projects > Marischal Road, Lewisham
New House

Lewisham, South London

This 3 bedroom house was designed for a small site, which was previously associated with the existing, neighbouring property.


The design was developed with attention to how the proposal relates to the existing building, whilst simultaneuosly maximising the relatively small site area.


The ground floor extends all the way to the rear boundary of the property which encloses an internal courtyard patio space. At the front of the building a section of the ground floor projects beyond the main façade in response to the notable gradient of the site, and a small, sheltered entrance area is recessed beneath a projecting first floor soffit.


The first floor façade continues with the same alignment as the existing semi-detached house and its upper edge is level with the top of the existing ground floor stucco rustication feature. The rear elevation also aligns with the neighbour’s, with the southern section stepping in to form a cut-out for the courtyard.


The result is a contemporary, inconspicuous and elegant building that takes design cues from the neighbouring built forms, and sits respectfully within its context.