Projects > Residential and Commercial Units, Leigh-on-Sea

London Road, Leigh-on-Sea

This project is located on an interesting plot of land in a sustainable part of Leigh-on-Sea. The brief was to demolish an existing building and its annexes at the rear and maximise the potential of the site to build a mixed-use building with maximum number of units.


The final design is a result of an exercise that took into account the brief, the site context and the challenges of the site itself, as volumetric connection with neighbouring buildings, daylight/sunlight issues, car parking space and amenity space.


Visually, this scheme explores the idea of merging a more contemporary approach of flat roof volumes that intercept each-other, with a more traditional seaside building design such as the Southend-on-Sea beach huts.


The exterior appearance is also a reflection of the general arrangement of the individual units and communal circulation challenges.


Daylight/sunlight and mass issues helped to define the building form, in order to provide natural daylight and sun exposure to the units, and minimise the impact of overshadow in the surrounding properties.


The scheme comprises 1 commercial unit and 17 residential units over 4 storeys. Between the commercial unit and the residential properties on the West side, there is vehicular and pedestrian access to the main car park at the rear and to the dedicated cycle store.  The main residential communal entrance is located on the East side close to the vehicular access, and benefits from a prominent steel structure/pergola that will highlight the entrance.


We believe the new building will invigorate the street scene with its contemporary, yet sympathetic presence, and will sit harmoniously within its context.  It will also be a positive addition to help solidify the urban character in this busy location.