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House Remodelling, Somerset

The existing (c.1980s) house suffers from a poor internal layout, with illogical positioning of the living spaces and bedrooms, inefficient circulation and poor physical and visual links with the outside.

By shifting the stairs and bisecting the floorplan to have bedrooms at one end and living areas at the other, the proposal will rectify this, increase internal natural light levels and improve connectivity with the external spaces.

We’re also taking the opportunity to increase the thermal insulating performance of the existing structure, whilst improving the external appearance, by providing insulated rainscreen timber cladding over the existing reconstituted stone, and upgraded windows.

Window sizes and proportions relate more logically to the internal spaces, improve the internal natural light and link more appropriately with the garden and the views to the south.

With an ample driveway, we are also converting the double garage, to create a guest bedroom, gym and dedicated storage on the entrance level.