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Lake House, North London

The intention is to replace an area of carpark on the north-facing slope of a hill with an energy efficient, highly sustainable, bermed house that melds into the landscape.

Large, light bedrooms that link naturally with the outside via large sliding doors are arranged along two wings that extend out from a central gallery/entrance hallway. The kitchen, dining and living spaces are in the NE corner benefiting from the primary views down the hillside and over two existing lakes, one of which will be utilized to provide a water-source heating system and reed bed filtration.

The open hallway draws the eye from the entrance area, through to full-height glazing onto the private courtyard and pond feature at the rear and has roof-glazing to counteract the fact that the house is largely submerged.

Courtyards and lightwells bring natural light into the rear and lower-floor areas of the house, whilst maintaining privacy from a nearby public footpath and allowing us to minimize the physical profile of the building. Planted walls and plentiful, openable glazing is used where possible to further improve internal air quality, passive ventilation and natural light.

The house’s visual impact is further reduced by the provision of a planted roof to continue the landscape over the building, which also regulates rainwater run-off and increases biodiversity on the site